God's Pit Crew collects for Tennessee fire victims

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Hometowns across Southwest Virginia continue to show their support for victims in Tennessee.

Shayne Dwyer/WDBJ7

Danville's own God's Pit Crew was out today collecting donations for their blessing buckets. Plenty of people shopping at the Christiansburg Walmart were more than happy to help.

"We all can't rely upon the individual things that are just materialistic and when they're gone, they're gone" donor Taylor Stewart said. "And being the people we are like my family we rely on God and helping out others is what we're supposed to do."

Tennessee Emergency Management says they're not ready to start allowing outside groups in just yet. But when they are God's Pit Crew will personally deliver the supplies.

"A lot of times you're maybe sitting at home and wondering well what can I do to help," God's Pit Crew Volunteer Kathy Jackson said. "So by us being here (Saturday) we hope that we're giving them a way that they can help."

By the end of the day, the donations were enough to fill an entire tractor trailer. Volunteers also collected a undetermined amount of cash.

"It has been tremendous, we're just very very please," Jackson said. "As a matter of fact, Walmart called us this time and asked us if we would come and set up here today. So we were just so thrilled to be able to do that."

For info on how you can help visit godspitcrew.org