God's Pit Crew in need of donations to continue support of West Virginia

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GALAX, Va. (WDBJ7) God's Pit Crew has been working to support the people of West Virginia, but they needed help to continue their work.

Since the flooding in West Virginia, God's Pit Crew has been sending water and other supplies to people in need.

But after sending eight full tractor-trailers, they were low on supplies.

God's Pit Crew Volunteer Julie Burnett explained, "The warehouse has been getting about 100 calls an hour since Monday, mostly from people from West Virginia asking for help, and we have cleaned out our warehouse."

Volunteers were working across the state to get more supplies for God's Pit Crew to send, including church youth groups from Galax.

"You think about the fact that if I want to go get something to drink, I can go right in here into the store and get it," said Steven Mason, the Youth Director at Midway Baptist Church in Galax. "Those folks that lost their homes and things, they can't do that. So it's so important that we get material to them so they can have a drink of water if they want it or whatever it may be."

Donations were also collected at Danville and Rustburg.

On top of water, volunteers were collecting money.

"Supply-wise, they need such a mass amount of it, we're using that money that's being collected to buy bulk, to buy massive amounts of it," Burnett explained.

After getting more water than one truck can hold along with almost $7,000 on day one and adding even more on day two, the city of Galax was showing a lot of support to the people of West Virginia who are in need.

Mason said, "In the Galax area people have just been real good about being willing to step out and donate and help out. [The city] has always been good at that and this has just been overwhelming, more than we even would have imagined."

Even though the Walmart in Galax was running low on water thanks to so many donations, volunteers continued asking for support to help the people of West Virginia.

Nine-year old William Bond said he asked people, "Would you like to donate some water so you can help out people in need, people in crisis, up in West Virginia? If you could, that would be great."

Donations collected Tuesday and Wednesday were scheduled to be brought to West Virginia Thursday morning at 7:00 am.

To make a donation to God's Pit Crew to help West Virginia, click the link to the organization's website attached to the right of this article.

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