God's Pit Crew to send dozens of volunteers to rebuild homes in Texas

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) A local group is lending a helping hand to get some hurricane victims back on their feet.

God's Pit Crew in Danville has made several trips to the hard hit areas in Texas and Florida.

Now, some volunteers are going back, this time to help with the rebuilding process.

Several trucks are packed and ready to leave for Texas Saturday morning.

The team of more than 45 volunteers will be finishing up four homes in Texas.

The trucks are full of supplies and furniture that will help fill those homes.

God's Pit Crew completely furnishes the homes they rebuild, down to the silverware and even decorations.

"We just don't want to set someone up partially and they still have to struggle, to make ends meat. We want to make sure they've got everything they need," says Nathan Burnett with God's Pit Crew.

Several ministries will be meeting the crew in Texas to help them with finishing the rebuild.

God's Pit Crew and all of the other agencies going down to help them expect to be there until November 4th. Then, they will start preparing for their Florida trip.