Golf course in Blacksburg closing for renovations

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) As we head into the heart of Summer, one recreation spot in Blacksburg is already closing up for the season.

The Hill Golf Course says it never wants to neglect an opportunity to improve, which is exactly what they're doing by renovating the course for the first time since before the town bought it back in 1971.

"We're going to re-grass our greens, tees, and fairways, we're going to rebuild our tee complexes, all of our bunkers are either going to be renovated, removed, or replaced so that they have better drainage and they're easier to maintain," The Hill General Manager Jeff Kleppin said.

But to pull all that off, Kleppin says they can't have anyone walking around the grounds. So he's closing the nine hole course for the year starting Saturday.

"To get the grass to grow, you can't grow it during the Winter, so we need to get the grass seed in the ground in the Fall so that we have a chance for that grass to establish itself so we'll be ready to open up again in the Spring," Kleppin said

It's something regulars who golf at The Hill numerous days a week will have to deal with this Summer.

"We're going to miss it. It's a beautiful place, just being out here and being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful view just makes the game even better," says Brenda Winstead, a resident of Blacksburg.

However, they say it's a good decision, as it was getting tougher and tougher to golf on the near 100-year old course.

"Trying to hit out of crab grass on the fairways is hard. It's hard on the wrists. So I'm looking forward to having all grass rather than some crab grass," Fred Brugger, of Blacksburg said.

"It needs a little work on it anyway, so it's worth the short term pain for that long term gain. It really will be a nice course when they finish," Doug Winstead, also of Blacksburg added.

The Hill regulars say they'll use Virginia Tech's course or Cox's Driving Range for the rest of the Summer, and be back for the reopening next Spring.

The renovations are going to cost 850-thousand dollars. That money was approved by Blacksburg Town Council in November to come out of the Capital Improvement Budget.

The money first becomes available July first, which is why Friday marks the last day.