Grand jury charges Roanoke man who lived with missing woman

Published: Aug. 8, 2017 at 7:34 PM EDT
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These new details are emerging as investigators work to determine the identity of remains found along Tinker Creek last month.

Police have in custody a man named Dayshaun Kent.

This is a man who police had contact with early on in the investigation into Edme Merle Perez's disappearance. While police remain tight lipped – it’s possible they may be one step closer to finding out what happened to her.

A grand jury formally charged Dayshaun Kent Monday with concealing a dead body, credit card theft and credit card fraud. He remains in jail.

Police recovered human remains just a few weeks ago in the woods off of Radford Road in Roanoke. It's near where Kent and Edme Merle Perez lived before she disappeared. Investigators have not confirmed whether those remains belong to Perez, nor have they confirmed that those are the remains Kent is charged with concealing.

Police confirmed on Tuesday that Kent and Merle Perez were in a domestic relationship and living together when she disappeared. According to court records, Kent is accused of concealing a dead body March 1. Merle Perez were was not reported missing until March 27. Kent told investigators she left their home on March 10 and took her things with her.

Investigators had contact with Kent early on in the investigation. Search warrants reveal purchases were made with her credit card after her disappearance. Plus surveillance is said to show Kent using Perez's credit card. He later admitted to using Perez's credit card on a few occasions, but was not charged with credit card fraud and theft until now.