Grandson talks legacy of Billy Graham

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Boz Tchividjian, the grandson of the late Billy Graham, lives in the Lynchburg area and works as a law professor at Liberty University.

Billy Graham with family (Courtesy: Boz Tchividjian)

On Thursday, he shared memories of his grandfather that has impacted him. "There's something a little bit different about him," Tchividjian said. "He's not sort of the typical grandfather. We always knew that but it became a stark realization when I'm walking out on a filed with him and there are 50,000 people there to hear him."

Boz Tchividjian says Reverend Billy Graham lived a humble life. "'Daddy Bill' is what we called him," Tchividjian recalled. "He was a person who was the same in front of the cameras as he was behind the cameras."

Tchividjian says he watched Graham show a profound love for all people. "He saw people as image bearers of God, regardless of whether they agreed with him, whether they shared his faith, whether they shared his skin color," he said.

Breaking barriers and going beyond party lines, Tchividjian recalls a prominent moment in his grandfather's life. "He says I'm not going to preach to a segregated audience and so I looked at that and it's always had a significant impact on me."

Tchividjian says his grandfather's death marks the ending of an era.

Now, his family holds on to the legacy left behind. "He's in heaven and I rejoice over that and all of that, but we miss him here," said Tchividjian.

Graham's funeral is set for next week.

A motorcade will transport Graham's body to the Billy Graham Library on Saturday where he will lie in repose for at least two days.