Grayson County continues clean up after storm and tornado

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) People in the New River Valley are still cleaning up following storms around the area Monday that included two tornadoes. One touched down in Pulaski County, and the other hit Grayson County.

Judging what the scenes in Grayson County looked like Tuesday depended on where in the county was being looked at.

In Galax, much of the tree damage has been cleared. In other areas in the county, it's not so great. But still much better than Monday

There were blue skies in Elk Creek Tuesday. Barely any signs of the storm that ripped through Monday, except remaining pools of flood water that came up very fast.

Colby Taylor lives and farms in Elk Creek.

He said of Monday's storm, "It was just a lot of water really quick, but by last night most of it had gone away. Not major devastating effects, we lost power and didn't get it back until, I think, about 1:00 today."

Taylor shot video on his cell phone of water pouring out of a field, much faster than he said he'd ever seen before.

Luckily there wasn't much damage, with Taylor only knowing of problems on his farm land.

"We had just actually got done sowing some seed on some ground and it did cause us problems, it trenched a lot of the ground and stuff like that," he said. "But it ain't no real big deal, we can go back and fix it."

In Galax, some trees are still down, but crews continue to clean them up.

But Fries and Providence is where the destruction still looms.

Appalachian Power was hard at work with another utility company they had to bring in to get power on Tuesday.

They want to avoid what some homeowners were saying Monday night.

Robert Davis of Providence said Monday of his power being out, "We're backwoods. We got a wood stove we can cook on and we'll be fine."

One neighborhood in Fries just got power back late Tuesday afternoon, and crews were continuing to work on others.

AEP said when the storms happened, 11,500 customers were without power, 7,300 of them in Grayson and Carrol Counties.

As of Tuesday night, the number was down to 700 customers.

AEP said they will be continuing their work Wednesday. They believe power will be completely back on in Grayson and Carroll Counties by late Wednesday afternoon.

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