Grayson County renovates schools

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INDEPENDENCE, Va. (WDBJ7) Schools in Grayson County are getting much needed renovations after the school division discovered extra funds to pay for the projects.

Several floors in Grayson County High School were replaced, LED lights were installed in classrooms, new carpet was placed in the auditorium, and all new heating and air units were put in classrooms that didn't have it previously.

"The school was built in 1956 and there has not been a whole lot of renovations on this, and none within the last 20 years so we're trying to renovate our schools, our schools have not had any renovations in several years," said Kelly Wilmore, Grayson County School's superintendent.

At Independence Middle School, new vinyl seats cover the wooden bleachers and saved the school division money.

Money from the Department of Education's Literacy Fund totally $138,000 paid for the renovations.

More renovation projects are scheduled for other schools in the county.