Greenbrier County has new approach to snow days

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LEWISBURG, W.Va. (WDBJ7) A snow day, leaving schoolrooms quiet

“This is an instructional day," counters Jeff Bryant, Greenbrier School Superintendent. "It will not count as a day out of school environment we will have to make up.”

Because Greenbrier County has made it Reimagined Time, one of five days when students can continue their schoolwork at home.

“Of course, you can’t replace that teacher in the classroom," says
Nancy Hanna, the Associate Superintendent. "But the students still have something to stimulate their minds during the day off.”

“A day out of school. A day away from instruction and teaching, definitely takes a while to make up for that, to get back into that flow," explains Bryant. "This way we can at least we can keep some continuity.”

With instruction for every class taken by every grade in the school system.

“Pre-k through grade 12, and we did include all subject areas, because all subjects are important,” says Hanna.

“And it’s not like: Hey, 10 minutes and I’m done. Alright, I’m outside. It’s taking hours to complete,” Bryant says.

Basically, a complete school day available, along with the teachers, who are at school and available to help.

“And I think the parents really appreciate the fact that their tax dollars are going to good use," says Bryant. "Because their educators are at their schools working.”

Not sure how much the kids appreciate that though.