Greenbrier Pastry Chef celebrates the holidays with chocolate

Published: Nov. 27, 2018 at 11:02 PM EST
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It’s Christmas season at the Greenbrier, with red ribbons and holiday wreaths, and one extra special display.

“Chocolate," Jean-Francois Suteau, the Executive Pastry Chef there, said simply. "Hundred percent chocolate. Except for the platform. The white platform.”

Every bit of of the huge display in the resort's main lobby, from the 200 pound nutcracker to the boxes of presents, is made entirely from chocolate.

“We got a Christmas tree. We got all the little elf," Suteau said as he pointed out the highlights. "We got five or six elfs here.”

And this year’s centerpiece: a Santa locomotive, accurate in every detail.

Even the dimension actually are pretty close to the real locomotive,” he explained. He copied it from one he found on the internet.

It took him three weeks to mold and build. But the chef doesn’t mind; chocolate is his thing.

“It’s so fascinating. I just love it," he said. "It’s almost like magical. You know, you can make a sculpture, you remelt everything, you make another sculpture. It’s unlimited.”

And you can eat it if you want. There’s even a chocolate sign showing you the way.

“If you want some chocolate after smelling it for 20 minutes," Suteau said pointing at the chocolate arrow, "You go to the candy shop in that direction and you buy chocolate.”

He’ll even make you some. One Greenbrier guest commissioned thirty little nutcrackers just like the ones in the display.

According to Suteau: “It’s fun.”