Greenbrier decorates for Christmas

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WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS,W.Va. (WDBJ) “Right now," says Betsy Conte, Greenbrier's Director of Social Activities. "I think we’re approaching about 40 trees.”

But when you’re decorating someplace like The Greenbrier – 600 guest rooms and a millions square feet in the main hotel alone – 40 trees is just a start.

“When all the trees are completed by December the 22nd or 23rd," She says, "We will have done in excess of 75 Christmas trees.”

And that doesn’t count the garland, the 100 wreaths, and more than two-thousand poinsettias, all under the command of Betsy Conte.

“And I do try to dress the hotel pertinent to the Dorothy Draper colors of red, white, green, blue, and yellow," Conte explains. "And there are certain rooms that dictate what and how we dress.”

The look is a traditional one, and fairly consistent, although each year will have its own special tweak.

“I don’t know, it’s kind of whimsical in a way, and it’s kind of magical when things come together," She says. "I do make changes, but there are a lot of similarities.”

And then there’s the outside.

“We have two trees we bring in from outside, and one’s 80 foot and we put 9200 lights on it, it’s at the front entrance," says David Cook, the Senior Project Manager & Electrical Supervisor. "And we also bring a 45-foot in the north entrance which has about six thousand lights.”

They get turned on by Santa Saturday.

“And he will count down from 10," says Cook. "Of course, when he hits zero he will say let there be light, and the lights come on.”

The final touch for a holiday look that only lasts until January.

“When we take it down," admits Conte, "It’s a little sad.”