Greenbrier recovers from golf tournament, and looks to next year

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WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS,W.Va. (WDBJ) There were players on the course today, though you might not know their names.

“About 140 or 150 players yesterday, and about 140 to 150 players today,” says Robert Harris, Greenbrier's Vice President for Golf and Recreation.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to feel like they could be the next champion.

“We have a special called the Sunday Pins, so guests can see the golf course, the Old White TPC, just the way the way PGA tour players saw it on Sunday afternoon,” Harris says.

But work does go on, taking out the dozens of signs, tents, and even the TV camera towers.

“The skyboxes start to come down," explains Harris. "All the rope, all the gallery ropes came down yesterday. That’s a big undertaking. And all the concessionaire booths are down.”

Letting them get everything ready so guests can have the resort experience.

“What we hope is that exposure of the people that watch us on TV, and say: Wow, that place looks spectacular, I want to come play," says Director of Public Relations Cam Huffman. "So we want to make sure that, if they do that, the experience is up to par when they get here to have what they would expect at the Greenbrier.”

But those skyboxes can be rough on the grass.

“It’s painful," laughs Harris. "So the shorter it’s on there the better.”

But before they know it, the banners will be coming up again. Next year in the fall.

“It’s something new and different," says Huffman. "Maybe some players that had scheduling conflicts otherwise will be able to come now. We’re really excited about it.”