Grill fire damages Roanoke County condo

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ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- A grill fire caused $6,000 in damage after fire spread to patio wall and windows at a condominium on Orachard Villas Circle in Roanoke County.

Roanoke County Fire and Rescue were dispatched to the 5400 block of Orchard Villas Circle just before 6 p.m. Thursday for reports of a fire.

Crews with the City of Roanoke Fire/EMS arrived at the scene first and witnesses heavy smoke in the area, and a grill on fire near the backside of a condominium building.

County officials said the fire was brought under control within minutes.

Two people were at home at the time of the fire, but officials said they were not injured.

Despite damage to the outer wall and windows of the condo, the occupants can remain in the home overnight.

Officials estimate damage to be about $6,000.

Roanoke County Fire and Rescue is now reminding residents to keep grills away from homes, or anything that can burn, like deck railings, vinyl siding, and the overhang of a roof.

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