Group gets second closed-door meeting with President Sands to address climate change

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)— A Virginia tech group that participated in September’s Global Climate Strike had their second, closed-door meeting with the university president.

On Friday, the group gathered on the steps outside Burruss Hall, while several members spoke with President Sands about addressing climate change. They were greeted by cheers from the crowd as they came on the steps to announce that the school wants to continue to work with them.

They plan to form a committee that will address how the university can make changes on campus.

“It’s nice to know that they’re working alongside with us,” said climate activist Catie Grayson. “It’s not like we’re kind of going against them. They’ve definitely voiced support in helping us rewrite the climate action commitment and put these goals across.”

The group was pleased that the president responded with a written statement, showing the school’s commitment working with them. We have a copy of that statement attached to this article.

Grayson said the next step is to reach out to more student organizations to find people who would want to be on the committee, eventually to rewrite the climate action commitment.

“Virginia Tech has an opportunity to be a leading institution in fighting this problem,” she said.

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