Local group looking to help mothers in jail

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Mother's day is just a month away and but not every mother will spend that day with their children. One Roanoke group is trying to help mothers in jail.

Natasha Harper realizes the importance of quality time with children. She is partnering with Roanoke Peoples' Power Network to pay a mother's bail, allowing the woman time home to see family.

"We're innocent till proven guilty, you're not guilty till trial," said Natasha Harper. "If you are in there pre-trial you are basically being held innocent".

Harper believes the bond process disproportionately affects low-income families because they are too poor to pay bail; ultimately influencing a child's mental health.

"Sometimes they are the breadwinners, they lose their jobs, housing, they could lose their children if they don't have a family," said Harper.

The initiative will be the first Mother's Day Bailout for the group. Harper says it is one step closer to end mass incarceration. The group will host benefit concert fundraiser on April 27th at the Dumas Center.