Group of veterans re-opens Danville Save-a-Lot

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Danville Save-a-Lot grocery store reopened Wednesday, under new ownership.

The new owners go by Honors Capital LLC and it's a group of eight men out to make a difference.

Seven out of the eight of them are military veterans.

This is the seventh store they've opened, and they say they are going to keep on going.

"Then, when we ended active service we were looking for our next sense of purpose. What can we do here in the states to make our communities better?" says one of the co-owners, Matt Frederick.

So they thought, grocery stores.

Many say, the past few months haven't been the same without the Save-a-Lot.

"The community is happy, even though there are other stores around, there's nothing like this store. This store has been great for us," says one shopper, Doris Banks.

They want to provide, healthy and affordable food to people in underserved areas.

"That's why we wake up every day, because we get to have a business that is passionate. We get to wake up every morning and know that we're helping out real Americans every day," says Frederick.

There is an improved bakery and produce department, and they have in-house butchers.

The owners say shoppers will see a big difference in how the store is now, because they have high standards.

"It's instilled in us, so the way we operate is a bit different than anybody else operates. Because we're veterans and we have a veteran sign out front, that is a guarantee that every day there's gonna be active leaderships making sure the store is fresh, full and friendly as possible," says Frederick.

Honors Capital says they have several more stores in the works right now.

They plan to expand throughout the country.