Group plans to build bike paths in Roanoke's Morningside Park

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) A group of mountain bikers has big plans for one Roanoke park.

Star City Cycling wants to transform wooded sections of Morningside Park into beginner bike trails. Chris Berry, the organization's director, says they have preliminary approval from the city. They're hoping to have as much as two miles of trail for beginners.

Chris Berry, Star City Cycling Director, said, “One of our goals here is to create something that is easy enough that neighborhood kids can come and ride it on whatever bike they happen to have or people from the area are interested in learning can come here and practice their skills.”

Barry says the last step is to meet with the neighborhood association on June 12. The Southeast Action Forum meeting is held that evening at the Rescue Mission at 6:30pm.

If all goes as planned, they hope to start construction in June, have the first phase finished by the end of summer, and have it all finished by next spring.