Group provides local meat for the needy in Southwest Virginia

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Hunting season is in full swing and Hunters for the Hungry is calling all hunters to donate meat.

"Hunters for the Hungry is a not for profit organization they basically offer a way hunters, who enjoy harvesting deer but don't need the meat, instead of just leaving the animal they offer a program to bring the meat into a meat processing facility, we'll take care of it and give it to local food banks," said Dallas Taylor of Taylor's Meat-cutting in Christiansburg.

Dallas Taylor of Taylor's Meatcutting is just one of the locations that process donated meat free of charge. Hunter's for the Hungry has given more than 6 million pounds of venison to those who are in need in Virginia. Over the past two years Taylor's Meatcutting processed more than 35 thousand pounds of meat for the organization.

'There's been a renewed interest in hunting among locavores, these people want to eat local organic. What is more organic than a deer that's living right on the landscape with you. No chemicals, no fences, no antibiotics, no pesticides, it's a deer that lives natural on the landscape," said Matt Knox, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.