Grown Here at Home: Bedford County man explains his passion for beekeeping

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BEDFORD CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Nathan Minnix has a lot bees. He's been a beekeeper for seven years now. His papa kept bees when he was a kid, and it was something he wanted to get back into. Nathan started out with two nucleus colonies.

“It gives the bees a smaller area to work with. It gives them the opportunity to build up a fully functional colony without being threatened and trying to protect a large home. We'll use nukes to replace winter losses in the spring. Sometimes we'll sell those nukes to folks who are just getting started in beekeeping, or, in some cases, beekeepers who have been in it for a while that want to expand their apiaries,” Nathan explained.

Nathan has a number of colonies at different locations throughout Bedford County.

“My goal has always been to be a self-sustaining apiary and I've finally gotten to that point. There's nothing quite like opening a hive and you can feel the heat from the bees roll out. You can feel it on your hands. The smells that the bees produce between the wax and the propolis and the honey. And it's just very relaxing to sometimes sit here and watch them work. It's a very enjoyable thing,” Nathan said.

Plus, reaping the benefits of all the honey, isn't too bad either.