Grown Here at Home: Why Kim Martin chose the farm life

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FINCASTLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Kim Martin starts her day at 5 a.m. On the farm they have dairy cows, beef cattle, and a couple of greenhouses. There's no shortage of work, that's for sure. Many farmers are born into the business, but Kim is a different story.

“I think I was just curious at first, you know, I just wanted to see what was going on. It was so radically different from the way I grew up. And I got to come in every day and I realized there's a lot of interesting stuff here,” said Kim Martin, owner of Martin Farm in Fincastle.

Being a farmer ain't no cake walk. The days are long and the work is tough.

“I tried my best and worked really hard and I guess they decided they should keep me around a while. I just really love being around the animals and enjoying the land and being out in the elements and just everything about it,” Martin said.

While you might not see too many women working on farms, Kim thinks things are changing.

“I actually think women in agriculture are becoming more prevalent nowadays, which is great. Farmers are becoming few and far in-between. About one in every 100 people want to be a farmer, and I really think you'll start to see more women,” she said.

Kim says with the right help and resources, you can get into farming just like she did. But you’ve got to know this.

“Nobody is going to force anybody into farming. You have to want to do it,” she said.