Grown Here at Home: Farmers surprised with two sets of quadruplet goats

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CATAWBA, Va. Billy Martin and Pat Crawley have some exciting new additions to their goat farm. But there’s something special about them.

“They say one percent of goats will have quads, so it's just rare that we had two sets,” Billy said.

The first set was born in March.

“She had one, two, three, and I thought the after-birth was coming out and it was the fourth one coming backwards,” Pat explained.

Then April came around and the second set came.

“The second birth. She had one, two, and three, and she didn't act quite right. She didn't act as if she was finished, but she wasn't showing labor signs either. So I checked her and I felt the fourth one. And he just slid on out, right with my hand,” Pat said.

These goats are just as precious as they could be. They certainly are one-of-a-kind, better yet, make that four of a kind.