Grown Here at Home: Roanoke farm-to-table restaurant shares how it stays true to its 'Local Roots' in winter

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - At Local Roots restaurant in Roanoke, the crew is in the kitchen prepping for another busy day ahead.

And even though it's winter time and a slow growing season, they're still able to deliver on their promise to serve food from local farmers right to you at their table. But how do they do it?

“More farmers in the area using what they call season extending growing methods like hoop houses we do have more availability of lettuces and some of the green cool weather crops, even at this time of year,” said Diane Elliot, owner of Local Roots.

Since there aren't as many produce options right now, it requires some thinking outside the box.

“To be honest, when you have fewer choices then it makes you more creative with what you have. That's kind of fun. It's the challenge. What can I do with these three things and make it really good. And we do that,” Elliot said.

They also make sure very little goes to waste by canning and freezing fruits and vegetables. And using as many parts as possible of the cuts of meat they get. And when using only what's available in season, sometimes they don't always have what customers want, but that's where the education part of this whole thing comes in.

“When someone comes in, in January and wants a slice of tomato on their hamburger. It's an education moment because we don't have a slice of fresh tomato in January because it's not seasonal in this area,” Elliot said.

“It's really just about embracing that product in its peak of the season, which is great for us because the good thing about the products we get in is they are at their peak season so they're gonna taste their best,” explained Executive Chef Matt Lintz.

That's how they stay true to their Local Roots.