Grown Here at Home: Obis One LLC teaching the world about organic black garlic

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) - Patrick and Lisa Lloyd are one fun couple. Neither of them ever thought they would be selling garlic together, but when life gives you garlic, in their case you start Obis One LLC.

"We’re a specialty food company, specializing in organic black garlic and derivative products," Patrick said.

They age the garlic naturally by controlling humidity, time, and temperature. It’s what gives the garlic a longer shelf life. And people really like it!

"I’m like, 'Oh would you like to try a piece of black garlic?' And they’re looking at me like, 'OK?' And they’ll take it and they’re like, 'Wow! That’s really good!'" explained Lisa.

They have lots of garlicy things, but one of their best sellers is their Black Crack.

"It is 100 percent pure cracked black garlic," Patrick said.

Saveur Magazine gave us Best Condiment in the World a few years ago.

The organic black garlic is also a Virginia’s Finest Product.

"We actually had to go through a review process with them through the Virginia Department of Agriculture. They take a look at documentation as far as who we are, what we produce, and our different standards," Lisa explained.

And here’s the kicker – their black garlic won’t even give you garlic breath.

"The part of garlic, it’s a chemical called allicin. So when you go ahead and you mash up your garlic cloves, the raw garlic, you know that really strong aroma you get, that is actually aged off during our process. So that’s what results in no garlic breath," Lisa said.