Grown Here at Home: Montgomery County woman has thousands of four-leaf clovers

Published: Apr. 10, 2019 at 11:05 AM EDT
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Muriel Alderman has a knack for finding four-leaf clovers.

"I started getting them out of the yard. And a few, maybe 100, 150, never thought anything of it," Muriel said.

And if you thought that was a lot, she didn’t stop there.

"I kept on and kept on and I said, well I’ll do more. And then I went to 730," she explained.

And today she has thousands! How does she do it?

"I don’t know! They just pop up! There’s almost 5,000 here (as she points to the ones in picture frames in here living room), not counting the ones I have somewhere else. I’ve found them in Floyd County, and I found some in Carroll, and most of them is in Montgomery. My sister-in-law said, 'What do you do, lay in the grass?' I said, 'No!' I can go out there and find two or three in five minutes. Maybe go out there after lunch and just look for curiosity and find some again," she said.

Muriel's found so many clovers over the years, it's hard for her to pinpoint the first time she ever spotted one.

"I don’t have that many years to go back like that," she said. "I already found my first one for this year. I found it on February 23."

She encourages others to try to find them. But they don’t seem to have the same success with it.

"They say, 'Wow! I can’t find one!' said Muriel.

Believe it or not, it’s not even about luck.

"It’s not to bring you luck, but it’s lucky if you find them because they’re hard to find," Muriel said.

And because they’re so hard to find, Muriel said, "You gotta keep at it."

That’s the real lesson in all of this.

"Anything you do keep at it, you’ll get better at it and I guess in time, everything gets good with age," said Muriel.

How many more clovers will Muriel collect?

"Just as many as I can get that’s all," she said.

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