Grown Here at Home: How a family from California came to be farmers in Rural Retreat

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 9:50 AM EDT
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There’s something special about My Shepherd’s Farm in Rural Retreat.

"We call it My Shepherd’s Farm because we believe that God brought us here. I mean, how else are you going to find a place like this? We didn’t even know about Rural Retreat. So, I definitely think that we were brought here," said Lynda Bracken of My Shepherd's Farm.

The Brackens were living in California and decided they wanted a change.

"We thought okay, we’re good for California. Let’s do a little farming, go a little natural, live kind of the way God intended people to live," explained Lynda.

They sold their house, bought an RV and moved to Idaho. Once they got there, they ended up visiting some friends in Virginia who were farming in the Shenandoah Valley and that’s when something began to stir in their hearts.

"We drove all the way back to Idaho and we’re like, no it’s not Idaho, it’s Virginia," said Lynda.

They’ve now been on the farm for six years, and they love it.

"It gets us really close to our neighbors and the community. And the neighbors are very helpful and very friendly," Lynda said.

They sell lots of meats. Their sausage and bacon are a big hit with people.

"We just kept getting into different things. There were a couple of bee hives here so we started getting into the bees and the honey; and then growing the vegetables, and the elderberries and it just kind of grew from there," Lynda said.

Farming is hard work, but Lynda says the journey has been well worth it.

"There are always people coming by and they’ll ask how we’re doing it, or how did you manage it? And it’s all because of the goodness of God and it’s good when you can do something and give Him the glory," she said.

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