Grown Here at Home: Beaver Dam Farm gearing up for annual Sunflower Festival

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 9:03 AM EDT
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The Beaver Dam Farm Sunflower Festival seems like it’s that event everybody looks forward to. Who can blame them? it's just so gorgeous.

This year, the festival will have a lot of the things you love, but they’re making some changes, too. The way they planted the sunflowers is a bit different from years past.

"We planted half of the fields one week and we waited a week and planted the other half. The hopes of that are the first weekend the first ones will be blooming great and by the second weekend the others will be blooming great in their prime time," said Candace Monaghan, organizer of the Sunflower Festival.

Last year, Candace created a coloring book telling the history of the farm and the how the Sunflower Festival got started will not only be given to kids in Botetourt County elementary schools, but neighboring school districts, as well.

This year they are planning on continuing the Sunflowers at Sunset dinner, goat yoga will be back, and then there’s a really cute addition to this year’s festival fun.

"We’re doing a Little Ms. Sunflower pageant. We have different age categories and they’ll be able to come up on stage and walk across and answer a few questions," Candace said.

At this point, all we know is the Sunflower Festival will take place some time in September. A firm date hasn’t been set yet, that’s because they’re waiting on the flowers to get good and ready for their debut.

"Last year they bloomed at 7 weeks old and they should have been 13 weeks, so it’s just a guessing game," Candace said.

Which means for now, we’ll just have to be on the lookout!

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