Grown Here at Home: Church Alive International plants garden at Morningside Park during Serve Day

Published: Jul. 16, 2019 at 2:20 AM EDT
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Before the harvest is brought in from this little garden patch for Morningside Elementary School, there’s a process. And working hands from Church Alive International are part of it.

It starts with tilling the ground and removing the rocks.

"Getting down in the dirt and just turning the dirt it’s just so peaceful and you know while you’re down there you have time to kind of think about some things and kind of clear your mind," said Tanya Coles.

The soil is ready and the planting begins.

"The little onions, you had to put them in like the right way," explained Reagan Smith.

And while seeds are going into the ground, they’re being planted into the hearts of everyone stopping by to ask about the work that’s taking place.

"You never know maybe that would be an opportunity for somebody to be able to accept Jesus," Reagan said.

"We’re glorifying God by lending our gifts to the community, but we’re also blessing the community by giving them another food source," said Coles.

"When the students come back they’ll be able to learn about how much fun gardening can be, but not only the fun of it, they can learn where their food comes from that they eat. And I’m hoping some of the students will develop a passion for gardening," explained leader of the project Marie Greer.

Greer said, "The church isn’t just what we do inside the four walls, it’s getting out in the community and being the church. Our pastor has a great saying, it’s not me church, it’s we church, and we church extends beyond the four walls."

The seeds are covered, the soil is watered, and now you just have faith for an extreme blessing.

"I just hope everything grows and does double what we expect it to do," Smith said.

As the Word says, one plants, another waters, but it’s God who gives the increase.

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