Grown Here at Home: Church donates food from garden to food pantry in Botetourt County

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BUCHANAN, Va. (WDBJ7) - Wheatland Lutheran Church in Buchanan is on a mission to not only feed their neighbor spiritually, but physically as well.

"Several years ago we built a raised garden and started growing vegetables for the local food pantry. And then it went from a raised garden to, we have about 15 acres here, so why not dedicate some of that," explained Pastor Chuck Miller.

They planted about an acre growing lots of things like corn, squash, tomatoes, and even peppers.

"We have just finished the growing season and taken lots of food to the food pantry and people in this community have benefited from that," Miller said.

And that's what keeps the fire in their hearts burning to keep going!

"We truly believe that we experience God's love and grace in Christ Jesus and that makes a difference in people," Miller said.