Grown Here at Home: Dublin farm using drone technology

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DUBLIN, Va. (WDBJ7) - Up, up and away the drone goes. Where it will go, Wyatt Bunn knows.

"I just wanted a drone just to fly it for fun and my dad said we'll get a nice one because he wanted it to check the corn so he got a nicer one for me for Christmas," Wyatt explained.

Wyatt's an expert at using the drone on his family's farm. And get this, he's only nine.

"Well I just look at the corn, check cows. I mostly use it in the winter, though, when they're calving. Just to make sure they're not having problems and they're alright," said Wyatt.

The Bunn farm is hundreds of acres. In the time it would take to get dressed, get in the truck, and drive across the farm to check on the cows, Wyatt can do it from his front yard in about five minutes.

"Sometimes I have to get up close and zoom in with the camera and take their ear tag numbers," Wyatt said.

Wyatt also understands there's a lot of responsibility that comes with operating a drone. But mainly his focus right now is just not wrecking it.