Grown Here at Home: Fincastle farmer dealing with flooding issues

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FINCASTLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Farmer's like rain, but not when it causes major flooding to happen. At Thornfield Farm in Fincastle, not only did the fields flood, but the heavy downpours caused the chickens' home to flood. They made a bridge, just so they could get out of their coop.

"It’s been a real scene around here this spring," said Susanna Thornton, owner of Thornfield Farm.

Susanna is hoping things will start to dry up soon.

"Last year we built a berm to try to avoid some of the flooding issues because these strong storms have unfortunately become ever more increasingly present. And it worked, for the most part. We did save a lot of our potatoes, but the storms have just been so strong that last week it broke the berm here and flooded these first five beds," Susanna explained.

While many of the plants look to be OK, that wasn’t the case for them all.

"We lost a couple of crops of lettuce. They get washed out and then it just breeds a disease along the bottom of the lettuce, so in some ways it’s the consequences of rain, more than the rain itself. It just makes everything more difficult," Susanna said.

As of now, it’s just a waiting game. Susanna’s hoping the summer will bring more moderate weather.

"I just think you know when things are really tough like this it’s important to value your farmer and where your food comes from because we’re going to keep at it every day no matter what the weather brings us," she said.