Grown Here at Home: How this local greenhouse prepares for spring planting season

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HARDY, Va. (WDBJ7) Any plant lover knows there's nothing quite like walking into a greenhouse. It's the beautiful colors, the sounds. It's just nice to breathe in all the floral scents.

“We grow everything ourselves on site,” said Evelyn Elwell, co-owner of Walter’s Greenhouse.

“We do know our plant material. It's not something that's just come off a big tractor-trailer and we're like, I've never seen that before,” explained Janet Walter, co-owner of Walter’s Greenhouse.

They have lots of plants to choose from.

“Over the years we've collected a few oddball items. Right now we're growing close to 2500 different varieties,” Evelyn said.

Because they grow all of these plants themselves, they're able to control pests. And if you think having a greenhouse business means there's months where they don't do anything. Think again.

“Off season? We start in September growing for the spring. There never is really an off season. While we may be closed we are constantly doing something. These plants aren't watering themselves,” Janet said.