Grown Here at Home: It's blueberry pickin' season

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NEW CASTLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Lew Woodall is someone you could call a blueberry connoisseur. He’s been growing them since about 1990.

“My wife just talked me into planting them. And you know I did a little research and learned by experience, mostly. It's turned into a pretty good money crop. I can sit on the porch and drink iced tea and watch the people pick and pay me the money for picking them,” said Lew.

And he will never get tired of eating blueberries.

“I can eat a gallon a day. And then at the end of the day when I eat that many I just don't want to see one but the next morning I wake up and just go right back at it again,” Lew explained.

The blueberries are ready for the pickin’. But before you decide to venture out to Woodall Blueberries in New Castle, make sure you check the blog first.

“We update it every day and it tells the picking conditions and everything you need to know about coming out and picking,” Lew said.

Lew's been doing this blueberry thing a long time. It might make you wonder how long he’ll keep it up.

“Just as long as I'm able to walk, ya know,” Lew said.


Remember, before you go picking, check the blog first. They may close the patch for a few days throughout the season for ripening. Click here to check out the blog.

Click here to check out the Woodall Blueberries Facebook Page.