Grown Here at Home: It's the season for making apple butter

Published: Oct. 21, 2019 at 11:55 AM EDT
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You can see all the signs of fall at Woods Farm. There’s pumpkins, mums, and out back they’re cookin’ up something real good.

"We’re makin’ apple sauce to make apple butter. The pre-game show, ya know," said Mark Woods, owner of Woods Farm.

"We use three to four different varieties – Roman, Stayman, Granny Smith, York, even Goldens," he explained.

Making apple butter is a family tradition.

"Back then when my grandma and them used to do it, all the kids would gather ‘round and they would sit there and clean apples and it was more of a family gathering and you would talk to your neighbors and everything. Everybody helped everybody," Mark said.

Making the apple butter is a three-day process, but it's pretty simple to make.

"What we’re using is our number two apples. We’re using the ones that’s got the ding and dent in it," he said.

First the apples are harvested, washed, and then put through a corer-slicer to cut them up. The apples are cooked until they’re nice and soft; then they go into a strainer-saucer where all those delicious apples are turned into applesauce.

A portion of the apple sauce will be turned into apple butter, where Mark uses his granny’s special recipe.

Whether you put it on a biscuit or eat it by the spoonful out the jar, try it, and you’ll find out real quick why it’s a favorite.

Woods Farm is located at 2921 Naff Rd, Boones Mill, VA 24065.