Grown Here at Home: LBHS has special calf on campus

Published: Jun. 10, 2019 at 10:03 AM EDT
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Dippy, Cletus, and Red are what I call cool calves. During the school year they stay at the livestock facility at Lord Botetourt High School. They like to chill, keep a distance, and take in the scene. Smokey, however, is another story.

"He’s the baby. He came from Mr. Byrd’s farm," said Brandon Creasy.

Mr. Byrd saved Smokey.

"When he came out he stopped breathing. His heart stopped beating. Not really CPR, but I got him back breathing and got his heart beating and then the mother rejected him," Stuart Byrd, agriculture teacher at Lord Botetourt High School.

That story would break anyone's heart, but don't you worry, he’s getting plenty of loving.

"Usually he knows most people are gonna take good care of him," Byrd said.

Smokey's name came pretty easy, too. Not only because of his color, but because of his breed.

" A lot of times in the Angus-Charolaise cross, they call them smoke-colored animals, so Smokey was kind of a natural name," Byrd said.

Smokey has quite the personality. He’s 4 months old – and just like any youngster, sometimes he tends to get into things he isn’t supposed to – the shed being one of them.

And it’s Smokey’s gentle nature that makes him great for students.

"He’s halter broke, the students can lead him around, they can touch him. We’ve actually taken him all the way up to the school building and he’s been inside the school. It makes it so much better to have that closeness for the actual students," explained Byrd.

Byrd says the plan is to keep Smokey around for a while.

"I’m hoping some of the students will take Smokey, be able to come to the facility and take care of him; and this fall at the county fair be able to show him in a beef class. Plus, he’s kind of the mascot for our group right now," he said.

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