Grown Here at Home: Let's go on an a'maze'ing adventure through the corn maze

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MONTGOMERY CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Fall is the prime time for corn mazes and lots of farms across our hometowns put their creativity to test by plotting out some unique and challenging designs. There's actually a specific type of corn that must be grown.

“The corn that you're seeing here in the maze at Sinkland Farms is corn that's typically grown for silage to feed animals. Of course everyone is familiar with corn to eat. It's a completely different variety, so this corn is for feeding animals. And the reason we use that corn is because of the height that we receive. Sweet corn is typically a shorter corn […] and so some of our corn gets to be as tall as 10 or 12 feet,” said Susan Sink, owner of Sinkland Farms.

Susan explains how Sinkland Farms created its Broncing Cowboy corn maze design.

“We partner with the Virginia Tech Civil Engineering Department to produce the design on CAD Key and then the department faculty member that helps us will come out and plot the points. My son brings his friends out to post the points and then he actually uses the riding lawn mower to create the design,” she said.

When asked if Susan had ever gotten lost in her own corn maze, she said, “Well I learned long ago never to enter a corn maze without a map.”