Grown Here at Home: Now's the time to transplant and the best way to do it

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 5:02 AM EDT
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It’s growing season, and if you seeded a flat and it's been growing for a month or so, it's probably a good time to put those plants in the ground.

Take fava beans for example. Usually beans will be directly seeded, but they also work well as a transplant.

"Some things that I look for are that they have a couple sets of leaves on them. And that they stay together when you pull them out of the tray. So, if I were to tug on this, the roots are in there and the cell is holding together, and it’s not root bound," explained Kat Johnson, produce manager at Fields Edge Farm.

Before you plant them out, you’ll want to toughen them up a bit, so it’s not a shock to their system.

"Hardening off is like a week of transition time. If you take a plant from inside your house where it’s been coddled and nurtured, it needs that exposure to a little bit of stress before it can go outside and get planted successfully," explained Kat.

To do this, you’ll transition them outside slowly. Stop watering them as often, and bring them outside for periods of time. After about a week of doing this, they’ll be ready to go into the ground. Do this, and you’ll be another step closer to having a bountiful harvest.

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