Grown Here at Home: Poinsettias aren't the only winter plant options for your home

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 11:00 AM EST
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It's not just poinsettias that will make your home look beautiful this time of year, because let's face it, they won't last forever. There are several options for you. If you want a plants that blooms, the Community Arboretum at Virginia Western Community College has some you may like.

"One great plant is the Begonia. And this may not bloom as much during the short days of winter, but it will give you some foliage color during that time and these are easy to care for," said Clark BeCraft, horticulture program coordinator at Virginia Western.

There are different types of Begonias, such as the Rex Begonia.

"We actually sell these at our greenhouse. These are propagated by our students and then we grow them up to a sellable size," Clark said.

But if you want something really cool, Clark says an Amaryllis is the thing to get.

"It's something to give you color later in the season. So if you were to plant this now and start growing it, you would have flowers in January and February when there's not really a lot of blooming going on in the houseplant world," he said.

Clark explained this plant blooms to have large, trumpet-shaped flowers on it that come in pink, white, and red.

"It's something neat, particularly if you have children into gardening, to watch this thing develop and grow through the winter months," he said.

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