Grown Here at Home: Local farm brings farmers' market to Roanoke retirement community

Published: Sep. 30, 2019 at 6:20 AM EDT
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Mark Woods, the owner of Woods Farm in Franklin County, is getting the farmers' market ready for a very special group of people who can’t wait until he’s open for business.

"Four more minutes until they open and I’ll be the first one in line," said James Walter, a resident of Friendship Retirement Community in Roanoke.

The Farmers' Market at Friendship is no doubt a hit! It started in June. Every Wednesday morning you already know where the party is.

"The first week that they came, we actually didn’t have it in the newsletter or on the calendar, so it was just word of mouth and flyers," explained Blaire Liechty, activities coordinator at Friendship.

She went on to say, "There were people waiting for them to come and each time they come at 10 o’clock, but there’s people out here by 9:30 waiting on them. I think it’s just great for them. A lot of residents aren’t able to go downtown or go to 419 where they are, so it’s just an opportunity for them to come out on their own, get their groceries, some fresh produce. A lot of them actually know Mark and so it’s nice for them to see a familiar face."

Mildred Patteson is going to be 100 years old October 18. She's browsing the market for tomatoes, cucumbers, and peaches. She says she's doing well, but will be doing much better once she gets a chance to eat!

"It’s awesome to see the smile on their face and the thank yous," said Woods.

"He brings us nice things to eat, all the time, and we appreciate it," Patteson said.

"It’s been really successful. I cannot complain. It’s been a pretty great run," Woods said.

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