Grown Here at Home: Turkey on Rural Retreat Farm is the main attraction

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 5:42 AM EDT
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Take a drive to

in Rural Retreat and as soon as you drive up, Major Tom will be there to greet you.

"Major Tom came to the farm when he was a teenager and then we realized it's all about him. He would come to the back door. If you were talking, he'd talk over you," said Lynda Bracken of My Shepherd's Farm.

But what happened next, no one saw coming.

"People started coming to the farm saying, 'I heard about Major Tom. Can I take a picture with him?' So we started taking people's picture with Major Tom," explained Lynda.

He doesn't even mind people picking him up. Plus, the fact that he's so handsome probably helps.

"He has a snoot that hangs down over his face, and he'll bring that down when he's showing off or walking around comfortable. He'll bring it up to a little horn when he's eating or sleeping. He has a beard, which all turkeys have, both male and female. When he throws his wings out and he throws his tail up it's called drumming and you can actually hear that sound," said Lynda.

No one could have predicted Major Tom would be such a hit, but they're certainly happy he's around.

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