Grown Here at Home: What's Mark Woods been up to on the farm?

Published: Jun. 4, 2019 at 6:45 AM EDT
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Here’s a little something I know for sure about Mark Woods, he’s always up to something on the farm.

He took me up to the greenhouse and we got to talking about herbs and things. He has a nice mix – lavender, rosemary, some basil. And we can’t forget about sage.

"We go through and pick the bloom out. You don’t want it to grow too quick because it pulls the potency away from the leaves and that’s what you use, is the leaves not the bloom," explained Mark, owner of Woods Farm in Franklin County.

And if you want to know something about me, I can’t go to Woods Farm without eating something. Mark let me snack on some cilantro. It's one of my favorite herbs!

Next, we went to see how the peaches are coming along.

Mark says it's one of the biggest peach crops they've had in years.

If Woods Farm is a regular stop for you throughout the year, you know some things never change -- even his little sayings.

It's guaranteed at some point you'll here the words, "Homegrown, hand-picked, sugar fed and honey dipped." It's become a staple saying at the farm. They even have it printed on the back of one of their Woods Farm shirts.

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