Grown Here at Home: Woods Farm sees best peach crop in years

Published: Jul. 1, 2019 at 10:38 AM EDT
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It’s peach season. Woods Farm in Franklin County is seeing one of the biggest peach crops they’ve seen in years. Mark Woods, the owner of Woods Farm, says the weather this year has been great for growing peaches. The heat and humidity help the peaches to grow and make them sweet.

Not all peaches taste alike. Depending, on which farm you get your peaches from, they’ll all have a different taste to them. Mark says it’s all about the soil. At Woods Farm they have red clay that gives the peaches a sharper bite. In other places they’ll have limestone, which makes for a milder taste.

When you’re at the grocery store looking for the perfect peach, Mark says, “Smell it, don’t squeeze it. If you squeeze it, you bruise it.”

Also, when the team is out picking peaches, there can be a lot of gnats. One of the ways they keep them out of their face is by spraying OFF! insect repellent on the top of their hats. Mark says, “It keeps the gnats out of your face and you’re not eating them.”

If you’re looking to buy peaches or any produce, you can head out to the farm located at 2921 Naff Road in Boones Mill. They are also at the Roanoke City Market and the South County Farmers Market in Roanoke County.

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