Gun incident at Magna Vista High has parents concerned for safety

Ridgeway, Va. (WDBJ)- Parents of students at Magna Vista High School are upset at how the school handled a gun incident on Monday.

Henry County Sheriff's deputies received a tip on Monday, that a student had brought a firearm to Magna Vista High School. Deputies then located the student in the parking lot with the gun inside. They then removed it from the campus and left after ensuring the students were safe. Later that day, the principal informed parents what happened through an email.

Parents took to social media upset about what happened after not receiving calls about the incident and learning the school never went into lock down.

Henry County Public Schools says the students were never in danger and they followed their safety protocol that was set in place with the help of the Sheriff's Office.

"They knew that students would not typically be in the parking lot at that time, so they deemed there was no necessary reason to call for a lock down." said Monica Hatchett, Director of Communication with Henry County Public Schools.

Over the next few days, rumors began to spread through the school about a possible school shooting. Officials have found those rumors to be false.

The school system wants to remind parents and students to report any suspicious activity to authorities right away before telling their peers.

No charges have been filed against the student at the moment.