Habeeb, Head talk about wins in house of delegates

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Republicans in the Roanoke Valley took home two wins in the House of Delegates. Both Greg Habeeb and Chris Head will be headed back to Richmond for another term.

There was plenty of celebrating at the local level in Roanoke. Chris Head was at the GOP headquarters on Brambleton Avenue, thanking his supporters.

Chris Head, (R) - 17th District, said, “The greatest honor of my entire life is serving as the delegate for the 17th district.”

When he goes back to Richmond, he says he'll be focused on continuing business creation, workforce development and limiting government regulation.

Head said, “Always trying to roll those back because we have such a regulatory overreach and we have to continue to try and push that back.”

Greg Habeeb is also headed back to Richmond for another term.

Greg Habeeb, (R) - 8th District, said, “Folks know me as just someone who wants to go to Richmond and get things done to help our community.”

He says he'll continue to fight for what he always has -- a balanced budget and more money for classrooms, transportation and public safety, and he's optimistic that they'll be able to work with governor-elect Ralph Northam.

“Now the good news is unlike the current governor who didn't have a history with the legislature, Ralph Northam has been in the legislature so the hope is that he shares some of those priorities and we'll be able to get some things done across party lines,” said Habeeb.