Haitian EMT trains with Life-Guard

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) A critical patient needing transport, taking a swift journey to a more specialized hospital by helicopter, something we’ve become accustomed to seeing, with Life-Guard helicopters located throughout the area.

But this mission comes with an extra crewmember: Haitian EMT Jacquelin Petit.

“This experience, it’s a really, really, really interesting," he says. "It’s a very, very nice experience.”

Normally, Petit is flying with his crew in Haiti, but he has taken this week to work with the Life-Guard crews.

“It’s still considered a fledgling program," says Life-Guard Flight Nurse Carson Gibson, describing the Haitian program. "As compared to ourselves, who’s has been around for 37 years. That’s one of the reasons we have our exchange program, is for the guys to come up here get the experience we’ve developed over 37 years and we’re able to share that with them.”

“It’s I think really helpful to have a chance to see our people, working here," Petit says. "And to go back home and do this kind of things, these same things.”

His experience is not just in the helicopter, but other areas, like “Stop the Bleed” training, all training that he can then take home to Haiti and teach.

“I will give it back," Petit says. "I think that’s what I’m here for: take it and come back with it, and start teaching people.”

With life-saving skills that he hopes to spread at helicopter speed.