Half of Virginia's distilleries converge in Roanoke for craft spirit showcase

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Downtown Roanoke was host to a few festivals Saturday, including the Craft Spirits Showcase.

Along with the Virginia Distillery Association, the Roanoker magazine hosted the show in the market building downtown.
The show included tastings, a battle of the bartenders and classes.

Steve Beyer, President of the Roanoker Magazine, said they wanted to bring more tourism to downtown and let people sample home grown craft spirits.

"I think people are now finding out that where you saw that craft microbrewery market explode in Virginia, you're seeing the same thing with craft spirits,” Beyer said. “So I'm hoping that they start buying more local products and helping our economy."

Beyer said 23 of Virginia's 46 distilleries were represented Saturday.
He said combined, the distilleries sold between 300 and 400 bottles.