Halifax Warming Shelter in need of volunteers

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HALIFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) For some people it's easier said than done to stay inside and stay warm during these cold conditions.

That's why Halifax County has opened up a warming shelter for those that may not have a warm place to sleep.

The Halifax County training center behind Halifax County Middle School has been transformed into a warming shelter.

"We usually have about five or six people that stay here,” says Halifax County Emergency Coordinator, Chad Loftis.

Halifax County Emergency Coordinator, Chad Loftis says the cold is a big safety hazard.

"We want to prevent frostbite, hypothermia, or even death from these extreme temperatures,” says Loftis.

It's a service to the citizens that he's happy to provide.

"What we don't want is somebody to doze off when it's extremely cold and it's a possibility they wouldn't wake up from the extreme temperatures,” says Loftis.

In addition to cots, blankets, a shower, restroom and the warmth, community members have been bringing in food donations and more.

"A lot of volunteers have brought coats and hats and gloves and things of that nature,” says Loftis.

The warming center does need volunteers to keep it open.

Loftis: "We have to have it manned, so we could use a little bit more help with people being here,” says Loftis.

Loftis has manned the shelter every night since Christmas Eve.

"A lot of times I'm here at night, but if we could get a few people here at night that would be good to help. It would give me a little bit of a break. But even in the daytime we could use some help,” he says.

The shelter is open from 6:00 PM to 8:00 AM when the temperature is below 25, or if there's precipitation and it's below 32.

The past few days though, they've stayed open throughout the day because of the cold.

If you want to volunteer at the shelter you can call Chad Loftis at 434-446-6973.