Harvest Youth Board grants $5K to Charity League's Brighter Christmas program

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Members of the Harvest Youth Board presented the Charity League of Martinsville and Henry County with a $5,000 grant to benefit the Brighter Christmas program, according to a release from The Harvest Foundation.

Charity League's Brighter Christmas program receives gift lists from young children, pre-teens, and teenagers via the Salvation Army so that all kids can enjoy Christmas.

"I think it's an amazing way to help our community because most Christmas gift programs have an age limit, and older siblings in a family don't get presents," said Karli Foster, chairperson of the Harvest Youth Board. "This program allows older kids to be included."

The Harvest Youth Board hopes to serve more than 350 pre-teens and teenagers in Martinsville and Henry County with basic needs and gifts during the holiday season, according to the release.

"Brighter Christmas is another way for the ladies of Charity League to give to the children of Martinsville and Henry County," said Cindy Cox, chair of the Brighter Christmas program. "The children that benefit from the program don't ask for Xbox's, iPhones, or the latest gadgets. Instead, they ask for shoes, clothes, coats, hygiene items, bedding, a bed or basic necessities."

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