High winds send tree into dining room of Christiansburg home

Published: Mar. 2, 2018 at 5:54 PM EST
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One family tells us they are counting their blessing after a tree crashed though their house early Friday morning.

It happened on Turpin Walk in Christiansburg. The family is now picking up the pieces. A limb busted through their dining room, thankfully no one was in that room when it happened.

"About 5:30 this morning my wife woke up screaming, the tree fell," said Pat Turman, the homeowner.

It was a wake up call they weren't expecting.

"It was alarming, but after I got my wits about me and counted my blessings to see everything that was not broke. Could have been glass breakage, there wasn't glass breakage," Turman said.

Friday afternoon the Turman family started cutting away what they could to secure the rest of their house and the tree.

The 90 foot tree fell from the neighbors yard straight on top of their home and into the dining room.

"It could have been worse if the Maple Tree hadn't caught," Turman said.

Inside the home, you can see the large branch pierced through the ceiling, leaving a mess behind.

If the hole in the roof can't be covered right now, the family may be forced to find somewhere else to stay Friday night.

"If I can button it up enough to keep it warm in the house we're going to stay. If not we're going to a motel tonight," Turman said.

The Turman's spent today cleaning up the mess both inside and outside their home.

They're planning to save part of the tree not as a keepsake, but for firewood for these colds nights ahead.