Highland County Chamber of Commerce introducing Maple Syrup Trail

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HIGHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) Normally the Maple Festival is the only time visitors get to come by the sugar camps to see how the syrup is made.

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This year, though, the Highland County Chamber of Commerce is starting the Maple Syrup Trail, with ten sugar camps open all year for visitors to see how the trees do throughout the year and enjoy the scenery of Highland in other seasons.

“Each one is unique. We go from modern to really traditional," said Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chris Swecker. "There’s again farmers that have been doing this for generations to some first generation producers. And there’ll actually be two sugar camps that aren’t normally open during the festival that you’ll be able to visit as well.”

The trail comes with a passport, where visitors can get stamps from each camp and go into the chamber for prizes.

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