Historic jet lands at Lynchburg Regional Airport

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) One of the first jets ever made landed at the Lynchburg Regional Airport on Sunday.

The wooden DH 100 Vampire arrived ahead of the 2016 Regional Airshow happening next month.

Believe it or not, the jet flies with its original engine.

The Vampire and its pilot, Jerry Conley are both pretty famous around North America.

Conley says its an honor to be involved in the airshow and he's excited to show what the Vampire can do.

"We fly full airbag act with the airplane so its not just a showpiece and it's not something you know like a car show where you just go look at it," Conley said. "We're gonna make it really sing."

It will be stored in a Liberty University School of Aeronautics hangar until showtime.